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There are three predominant breeds of Indian horses in north west India namely the Marwari, Kathiawadi and Sindhi. The Kathiawadi comes from desert tract of our neighbouring state Gujrat called Kathiawar. Most areas where the SINDHI breeds are found have now gone in the SINDH Province of Pakistan.

The Marwar region (erstwhile Jodhpur State) of Rajasthan has been the home of the Marwari breed. Traditional rulers of the Marwar region adhered to strict breeding that promoted purity and hardiness by the beginning of 12th century.

Marwari is known for its inward turning ear tips, it comes in all equine colours. Noted for its loyalty and hardiness. The passion for Marwari horses led us to revive the breed, thus a proper breeding stable was established. In our stables we have mainly the Marwari horses.


Shakti Naad

Shakti-Naad is a blend of some legendary blood which includes - Dilbagh, Raj - Nagina, Alisha, Prabhat, Raj - Swaroop, Sultan & Toofan

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Other Horses (Coming Soon)

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The Ghudshaal is the home to one of the best stud farms and the most popular breed of horses “MARWARI” in India. The founders of the farm has been giving the extreme adventure on horseback riding on the Marwari breed and the joy of real rural side of Rajasthan through the farm.

The stables at the farm offer variety of adventures on the Horseback, including short and long rides for the day or more. Teaching lessons are conducted by expoerienced trainers.

The tranquility and peace offered on the lavish grounds of The Ghudhsaal Farm fascinates horse lovers and bird watchers from across the world to experience nature in its full form. We at The Gudshaal Farm and stables have helped researchers on marwari breed to get to the insight of the indigenous breed from the origin to the complete family tree of few of the best Marwari stallions and mares in India.

We welcome all guests at our stables. The highlight of the The Ghudshaal is the running of the horses in the evening from the paddock to there stations or just enjoy your tea with your loved ones at the stables. Passion and uniqueness are the highlight of the private breeding at The Ghudshaal Farm

Please feel free to enquire at the reception for the running of the horses at Dusk and Dawn